How Do Bees Find Nectar and Get It into The Hive?

Bees collect pollen and nectar in order to eat and make honey. Nectar is a sweet liquid provided by flowers and is typically in the inside of the flower.  It is the reward the plant provides for the pollinators as a thanks for cross-pollinating them.  Bees find this sweet reward by sight and scent.  The forager … Read more How Do Bees Find Nectar and Get It into The Hive?

Stingless Bees: Is there such a species?

Hive of the stingless bee tetragonula carbonaria - Photo credit 9999Monkeys Reddit

Yes! There are stingless bees. That is, there are bees that don’t have the capability to sting humans or other animals. You’d be surprised to find out where one species of stingless bee comes from. Australia is a continent that has gained a reputation of being a land that wants to kill humans. Indeed, it is … Read more Stingless Bees: Is there such a species?

Cold Remedy Made with Honey

Honey Tea Cold Remedy - Photo by Angello Lopez on Unsplash

Viral colds and coughs don’t stand a chance against this honey-based cold remedy. When you drink this cold remedy tea made with raw honey, you’ll be feeding your body just what it needs to strengthen immune system resistance to further viral growth and infection.

Grilled Mullet with Hot Mango-Honey Sauce

Grilled Mullet with Hot Mango Honey Sauce recipe

This grilled mullet recipe adds the sweet zip of hot mango-honey sauce. There’s no better honey to use in this recipe than pure Central Florida honey from Allisons’ Apiaries.