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Allison’s Apiaries Palmetto Honey


Palmetto honey comes from palmetto plants and palm trees. It is a robust honey that has a stronger flavor which many people enjoy as table honey.

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Palmetto honey is gathered by the bees in May and June. It comes from the palmetto plants and the palm trees here in Florida. Palmetto honey is a robust honey that has a stronger flavor which many people enjoy. Our palmetto honey this year also has some gallberry nectar in it which tones the robust flavor down a bit. We have had many people at the Winter Garden Farmers Market that have found it an appealing honey to purchase as table honey. Buy some today!

Besides a food sweetener, what is honey good for? Dr. Mercola says that there are many benefits of raw, local honey that include but are not limited to allergy relief, boosting energy levels, as a cough medicine, as a scalp treatment, and treating wounds. The medicinal properties of honey are well-known and are as ancient as human history.

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